Hitting the Road

After having, in the last nearly six months of away, having travelled by long-haul plane, short-haul plane, tiny twin-prop plane, various classes of bus and coach, minibus, taxi, motor rickshaw, pedal rickshaw, horse drawn cart, Sherpa-back (kids only), bicycle, moped, night train, day train, underground train, baht bus, song tiaw, elephant, dug out canoe, Jeep, longtail, variously-sized ferries, rowing boat, sea canoe, and tuk-tuk, it’s very exciting to have set off on a three-day journey in what was once our most normal mode of transport: a car.

And good timing, too. Not only are we savouring the independence and thrill of actually steering ourselves around but it’s currently 38 degrees outside. And our car has aircon.

No more dashing into 7-11 to cool off for us. We have our own mobile, persona-sized fridge. Ahhh!