What I Think About Travelling

By Scarlett

I feel weird about going travelling. It will seem so strange being out of home. I am looking forward to travelling but I don’t quite believe it’s going to be real. I think I am going to feel travel sick if it’s going to be real.

I’m looking forward to Thailand most of all because mummy and daddy keep saying how good it is. I am looking forward to the views, they will be quite beautiful. I think that the countries we are going to will be a tiny bit the same as England. At the moment I can imagine a picture of 5 people, who are us 5, walking along a Thai beach with big rucksacks on and the shadows are long and the sun is setting over a blue sea, and the sunset is reflecting on the water. There is no one but us there.

I can also imagine big beautiful mountains covered in snow with the sun setting in between them, and there’s a river running up to the sun with ice floating on it. All the snow on the mountains is melting. I imagine it’s so beautiful in Nepal.

There’s a few things I will not be able to imagine until I see them. One of these is a rainbow in Thailand. I can’t imagine a rainbow in Thailand at all. Another one is a car in Thailand. And Thai voices and clothes. I can’t imagine any of the countries voices, but I can imagine all of their clothes apart from Nepal’s and Thailand’s.

I am so glad we were born before our mother and father set off travelling! It means we have more money because we’ve had longer to save up, and it means we (us 3) get to go!

3 thoughts on “What I Think About Travelling

  1. Dear Scarlett, what a beautiful piece of writing. I really enjoyed reading that and I can’t wait to read your future updates. You’re such a clever girl. Uncle Steve and I are at the airport at the moment, waiting to go on our honeymoon, so we’ll be in an aeroplane soon. It was so lovely to see you yesterday and I LOVED dancing with you. I hope you have a fabulous trip to Nepal. I’ll be thinking of you as always. All my love, Auntie Lou Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Scarlett. I really loved this piece of writing. It made me feel glad all over. You write so beautifully and your experiences will fuel that writing. i miss your giggling. Have a wonderful time and love to Mima and Evie. Mrs P xxx


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