The Wonderful World

by Evie

I’m not going to believe that we’re going travelling until we’re at Nepal. Or that we’re going to London until we get there. I think we’re very lucky children because we get to go travelling for a whole 10 months or maybe longer! I keep thinking about it and I can’t get it out of my head. I mostly think about swimming with tropical fish and riding on an elephant and trekking in the high mountains in Nepal. I feel contented.

When we left Megan and Susie at school they cried their eyes out but at least we’ll be able to email them and Skype them because I’ve got Megan’s Skype address. I’m going to talk to them about what time of day it is because obviously it might be very different. I’m probably going to ask them what they’ve been doing at school, and what day it is. Also, I’m going to ask them how much fun they’ve been having when it’s the weekend (for them).

I feel very nervous about the flight, also I think it’s going to be very boring. I’m probably going to look out of the window most of the time on the plane, and sometimes I’m not sure but I think we’re going to play games and read Kindles.

I cried when we said goodbye to Nanarara because I was so sad.

2 thoughts on “The Wonderful World

  1. Dear Evie, this is beautifully written, what a clever girl you are. It makes me content to hear that you feel content. I think you’ll have a wonderful time travelling. Although it’s sad to say goodbye to your friends and Nanarara, it’s good to know that they will miss you because it means they love you. Thank you for coming to our wedding yesterday. I really enjoyed dancing with you. You all looked beautiful. I will miss you, but I know you’ll have a fabulous trip. All my love, Auntie Lou Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Evie, we are talking about you often at school and wondering what you are all up to and the marvellous sights you are seeing. Reading your blog entries makes it seem as though you are still close by. Have fun!


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