A Heroic Helicopter Ride

By Jemima

A helicopter came down to meet us as we waited with a girl who couldn’t walk at all!

Waiting for Helicopter Evacuation

It looked like it was snowing as bits and bobs of wood shavings flew up in the air and came down again with the force of the helicopter. Tettie was almost blown off her chair and Evie was pushed into Daddy by the force. We were all loaded into the helicopter…

I sat in the back next to Tettie and Evie. Evie sat next to me and Mummy. Tettie sat next to the other window and me. Mummy sat next to the other window and Evie. Daddy sat next to the pilot and the other window. And the pilot sat next to Daddy and the other (last) window.

Scarlett Onboard the Helicopter

The pilot was very good at steering. We set off for Pokhara, or so we thought.

As we flew we saw sky all around but mountains all below. We took many photos of the mountains. Basically, we flew over the top of nit noy (the Thai word for tiny) Nepal. Mountains plodded past us as we moved slowly along. There were lots of mountains with snow on. The snow was brilliant and beautiful and impressive! Great steps of field rose up and up and disappeared over the mountains. Little toylike houses moved past so slowly it looked like the helicopter was staying still and they were being pushed but they were so heavy the process was slow. Big, fluffy clouds pressed on either side but we never passed right next to or through one.

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It was the first helicopter ride we had ever had and it was really exciting. Me and Daddy and Evie might not have got to go on the helicopter but we did. If the helicopter had not come at all then we would have had to carry Tettie to the road where we would go to Pokhara in a car.

When we arrived in Pokhara, we landed on the roof of the hospital and realized we were in…


A Jungle Bumper

Mahoot's Awaiting Elephant Safari

by Jemima

Every day in Chitwan National Park people can go on an elephant safari at 7 or 8am. It is a fun activity lasting about an hour that people need a National Park Permit for. Chitwan is in Sauraha, Nepal. The park permit is 1500 rupees per person. Children are free.

There are lots of people there. Some people are tourists and some people are Nepalese. Behind the fence there are lots of elephants with people on the front and the passengers behind in a sort of box with a cushion on the floor for the people to sit on. Some have riders, some don’t.

The elephants are coming and going – elephants appearing out of the forest and elephants walking away into the distance as far as these visitors can see.

When you get on an elephant is best not to spoil anything except that on the ride you get hit in the face by branches and that sometimes the wildlife is there and sometimes not. It is a very bumpy ride but you get used to it.

Elephant Friends

As you wait to go up on your platform, from which you must step carefully onto the elephant’s bottom and into the box, you can smell the hot air and the elephants all around you. When you go onto the elephant, however, you can smell sweet air through the desert of leaves. As you wait you also hear the shouting of mahoots as they urge their giant shopkeepers to the desk! There is also the noise of people chatting as they feed bananas to the elephants who are sticking their heads over the fence to say hello to the newcomers!

Elephant Safari

On the elephant you can hear the chattering of birds and occasionally the mahout telling you the name of wildlife. As the people chatter they are too busy to notice the gentle touch of the elephant and the cool breeze brushing your face, asking you to follow it to the place far from the pouring sun.

As you ride the trees shade you but it is hot. Bumping and jumping you can taste the sweet, sweet air. The elephant’s scent covers up the scent of the human so the wildlife isn’t scared away.

All Aboard our Elephant (Poody)

It makes a lot of people feel like they want to it to carry on forever but towards the end, they start getting hungry and want to get off.

It is 1000 rupees each. To get there you need a jeep for 50 rupees. The jeep is extremely fun but also extremely bumpy.

[This was Jemima’s ‘Write a Newspaper Article Challenge’. It was typed up, paragraphized and spelling-corrected by Dad but otherwise all Jemima’s work. Only 6 wrong spellings, too, which is brilliant.]

Kacophonous Kathmandu

by Jemima

If you want to go trekking, you have got to go to Kathmandu first. Here are ten of the most important things you need to know:

1. You sometimes have to be really unkind to people to make them go away when they are trying to sell you things.

2. It’s extremely noisy and it’s likely that the first sound you will hear will be honk honk!

3. When I arrived I could smell hot air but I got used to it. I hope you do.

4. If you want to stay somewhere, I would recommend the Kathmandu Garden House because it’s got comfortable rooms, balconies and a lovely garden bordered by flowers.

5. There are lots of insects so you have got to just not bother about them. The mosquitoes will probably bite you. You can buy a spray called Deet which will keep them away.

6. There is lots of junk on the streets and you will probably get dirty. Try not to bother.

7. Try not to fall in love with pretty things in shops too much like I did because the shop owners will see that and make them really expensive. You have got to bargain by making it look like the thing you want more is the thing you want less.

8. When you are travelling around Kathmandu it is easier to go in a taxi or walk, not go on a bus. The buses are too crowded and sometimes they drive around with the doors open because there are so many people inside.

9. There are street food stalls but I got a very spicy chilli. It made me cry so we got some juice and chocolate! If you want to go to a restaurant, I would recommend the Northfield Cafe.

10. If it’s the festival of Desain, lots of people feel like they shouldn’t be at work so the food in cafes is not as good. But the pizza at the Northfield Cafe is still good!


Plenty of Planes!

by Jemima

I was very excited about the plane but it was very long and boring except that they had TVs on the plane and we could play games, watch films and do other interesting things on them.

When we got off the plane we slept for a bit in Mumbai but we didn’t get enough sleep. In Mumbai we had a sandwich from Subway and it was slow but scrumptious. Tettie didn’t like hers because it tasted too much like curry and it was meant to be Italian. The cheese in the sandwiches was not very nice but my cucumber, tomato and olive was nice. The music that was playing in the sleeping area where we didn’t have much sleep was not very good at first but then it got into real piano music and it got much better.

After twelve hours there we caught a plane which didn’t have a TV because it didn’t need one as the flight was much, much shorter. I slept with my head tilted up and my mouth wide open. When I woke up we were landing in Nepal and I had no idea that I had been asleep. I kept thinking the plane was going to crash.

When we got off the plane to Nepal we went to the Hotel Blue Horizon in a taxi. At the Hotel Blue Horizon we had a choice of two rooms. One was small with not much light, the other was bright, big and more expensive. We chose the bigger one. On the way to the hotel we saw loads and loads of interesting things such as buildings which were interesting colours such as blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and purple.

On our first night we slept sixteen hours which means that we slept until dinner time. It was a lovely hotel and they are very good.

The food is filling.