Plenty of Planes!

by Jemima

I was very excited about the plane but it was very long and boring except that they had TVs on the plane and we could play games, watch films and do other interesting things on them.

When we got off the plane we slept for a bit in Mumbai but we didn’t get enough sleep. In Mumbai we had a sandwich from Subway and it was slow but scrumptious. Tettie didn’t like hers because it tasted too much like curry and it was meant to be Italian. The cheese in the sandwiches was not very nice but my cucumber, tomato and olive was nice. The music that was playing in the sleeping area where we didn’t have much sleep was not very good at first but then it got into real piano music and it got much better.

After twelve hours there we caught a plane which didn’t have a TV because it didn’t need one as the flight was much, much shorter. I slept with my head tilted up and my mouth wide open. When I woke up we were landing in Nepal and I had no idea that I had been asleep. I kept thinking the plane was going to crash.

When we got off the plane to Nepal we went to the Hotel Blue Horizon in a taxi. At the Hotel Blue Horizon we had a choice of two rooms. One was small with not much light, the other was bright, big and more expensive. We chose the bigger one. On the way to the hotel we saw loads and loads of interesting things such as buildings which were interesting colours such as blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and purple.

On our first night we slept sixteen hours which means that we slept until dinner time. It was a lovely hotel and they are very good.

The food is filling.

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