Travelling Songs

Daddy is too tall,
Too tall for Nepal,
Or is it that Nepal is too small for Mr Tall?

It’s a Long way To Gokyo Ri,
It’s a long way to go,
It’s a long, long way to Gokyo Ri,
To the sweetest lakes I know,
Goodbye Kathmandu,
Farewell Durbar Square,
It’s a long, long way to Gokyo Ri,
But we’ve climbed up there!

Our Routine in Sauhara, Chitwan

NOTE: All times are approximate.

07.00  Wake up

07.15  Yoga

08.00  Showers, dressing, maybe a quick game of Smallworld, breakfast on the verandah

09.00  “Jungle School” (maths puzzles, spellings, project on Nepal, learning to make a website, creative writing)

11.00  Playtime at the river & elephant bathtime

12.00  “Jungle School” & snacks from the guest house menu

15.00  Playtime on the giant bamboo swing or feeding the resident elephant with bananas

16.00  Diary Time

17.30 Big Meal at KC’s (not to be confused with KFC, a totally different experience)

19.00 Bedtime stories, into nighties and into bed

19.30 Lights off

20.00 Chill out time for mum and dad

And another day is done…

Jemima (blue top), Scarlett (red top) and Evie (purple top) working on spellings outside our guest house, then later playing with the baby elephant who lives at the bottom of the garden.