An Adventure in a Sea of Emerald Green

Emerald Cave

By Scarlett

Today we went to Emerald Cave on a longtail boat.  The engine was loud but we put up with it.  When we got to Emerald Cave, there was a long tunnel we had to swim through.  So, leaving the boat and putting on life jackets that rubbed our arms off, we jumped into the water.  Mummy first, them Evie, then Mima, then Tettie, then Daddy.  We followed our guide into the tunnel.  The water washing on the tunnel wall made an echo like ghosts howling.  At the end of the tunnel there was a beach surrounded by cliffs.  The emerald green water lapped gently against the sand.  The only opening was the tunnel we’d come through.

We were silent gliders for a while, before going back on the same longtail boat.  Silent gliders is a game that we play when we are wearing life jackts.  We move really quietly towards each other…and attack! (Splash each other).  We enjoy it a lot.

[Scarlett and her sisters all wrote about our trip to Emerald Cave as part of homeschool. You can read the other accounts here and here.]

A Tunnel Full of Emerald

Emerald Cave, Ko Muk (Image from Google as we didn't take a camera)

By Jemima

Today we did something totally amazing!  Well, it doesn’t start off sounding brilliant.  First we were woken up by mummy, and then we got dressed.  Then she realised she hadn’t suncreamed us – disaster!  We had to get undressed again – even more disaster!  It was kind of lucky though because I realised I had normal knickers on, instead of bikini bottoms.  We got dressed for the second time, and Daddy got back from his run.  Then me, Evie, Tettie and Mummy went to the café for breakfast.  We ordered muesli, fruit and yogurt.  We ordered Daddy fruit and yogurt.  In a couple of minuites, Daddy came and ate his up.  YUM! YUM! YUM!!!!

When we had finished we waked down the beach, then we waded out a little way to the boat where we climbed up the ladder; we were on the boat!  We sat on hard wooden benches for a while, talking.  Then the engine started up and the boat turned around.  Soon we found ourselves zooming through the sea, with a cliff on one side.  In a matter of minuites we came to a group of other longtail boats, where we stopped.  The man – our guide – put down the ladder again.  We put on our lifejackets – Daddy didn’t want one.

On the boat I had been scared that the rocks would fall on top of us.  But when we got into the tunnel it wasn’t that bad.  We swam along around dark corners we didn’t know were there.  Mummy nearly bumped her head.   It was pitch black, but our guide had a torch.  When we arrived at last, I saw Emerald Cave.  I was surprised.  I hadn’t expected it to be like this.

We were in a secret cave or beach.  There were cliffs on all sides.  On one side, there is sand – the beach.  If you stand on the beach and face the sea, you can see an enclosure of rock, except for the tunnel.  In front of you there is a sheer cliff face with the tunnel poking through, like a straw.  On the left, there is another sheer rock face but with no tunnel, and on the right there is another sheer cliff face with no tunnel.  The strange thing is that there were no crabs on the rocks, not one!

We played for a bit then began to swim back down the tunnel.  As we went along people kept making spooky ghost noises which helped a lot – not!

Soon we began to see light.  We swam along into glowing emerald water and got out in the open at last.  It was good to see light all around us – we could see!  There were fish all around us too.  We boarded the boat and the engine started up for the second time and we were off again.  Soon we were back on our beach.  We had a little swim, then we went back to the bungalow and Daddy had a little sleep while mummy read us Harry Potter.

When Daddy woke up, we went and had some Thai tea.  After that, we went to bed.

Thank goodness it’s the end of the day.  That was a very long blogpost – my arm is tired.  Phew!  Zzzzzzz rec.

[Jemima and her sisters all wrote about our trip to Emerald Cave as part of homeschool. You can read the other accounts here and here. The “rec” at the end is because we have been learning about recurring decimals in maths…]