OK, to all friends who are primary school teachers, what else do we need to teach the kids in Year 4 maths?

We have done:

Whole numbers
– adding with column method
– subtracting with column method
– subtracting with ‘borrowing’ (saying ’30 exchanges for 20 and 10′) like they teach at school)
– multiplying with the grid method
– multiplying with the column method
– dividing using chunking
– long division
– long multiplication

– adding fractions
– subtracting fractions
– multiplying fractions
– dividing fractions
– simplifying fractions including top heavy
– converting fractions to decimals
– converting fractions, decimals, percentages (any to any)
– practical use e.g. 20% off sale! How much does the £10 toy cost now?

– adding decimals
– subtracting decimals
– multiplying decimals
– converting decimals (as above)

– stating if values are >, <, or = to each other (including decimals and fractions mixed up)
– 100 cm is 1m; 60 seconds so 1 minute etc

Other things
– calculating the perimeter of shapes
– starting to use algebra e.g. If the square's sides are y cm, the perimeter must be 4y cm
– reading data off a bar chart
– reading co-ordinates on a grid
– mapping points on a grid with co-ordinates
– lots of converting currencies!

I think we need to do some more geometry things, can anyone give me a clue or any good online resources to help with this?

We have been using but it's a USA curriculum, according to the dept of education website, there is currently no year 4 maths curriculum – surely this can't be right?

Any help would be appreciated.

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5 thoughts on “Homeschool

  1. That’s all pretty thorough and quite impressive!
    There are “teacher-proof” resources at BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 of course.
    I use MYMATHS (login hackneyac, password hoxton).which has the full maths curriculum.
    Also printables at


  2. Hi. We have been doing lots of word problems in school at the moment. ie. I bought 3 boxes of chocolates at £4.99. I have £20 to spend. How much change will I get? and: I have a 3 litre jug of water. If each glass I have holds a quarter of a litre, how many glasses of water will I get from my jug? The challenge comes in deciphering what the question is actually asking you to work out and deciding what calculation(s) are needed to secure the right answer. I will ask around at school for recommended online resources and get back to you. Mrs Px


    • Sounds like fun, thanks for your help. Looks like the BBC bitesize site has questions similar to those you describe so I’ll try them out in the girls. Thank you!


  3. Hi Janet. Had a word with Mr Lea and he said that you might try the Cumbrian Grid for Learning. I quickly googled this and it seems to have stuff specifically for Year 4. Also Cool Maths is good for fun maths games. Hope this helps. Mrs Px


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