An Adventure in a Sea of Emerald Green

Emerald Cave

By Scarlett

Today we went to Emerald Cave on a longtail boat.  The engine was loud but we put up with it.  When we got to Emerald Cave, there was a long tunnel we had to swim through.  So, leaving the boat and putting on life jackets that rubbed our arms off, we jumped into the water.  Mummy first, them Evie, then Mima, then Tettie, then Daddy.  We followed our guide into the tunnel.  The water washing on the tunnel wall made an echo like ghosts howling.  At the end of the tunnel there was a beach surrounded by cliffs.  The emerald green water lapped gently against the sand.  The only opening was the tunnel we’d come through.

We were silent gliders for a while, before going back on the same longtail boat.  Silent gliders is a game that we play when we are wearing life jackts.  We move really quietly towards each other…and attack! (Splash each other).  We enjoy it a lot.

[Scarlett and her sisters all wrote about our trip to Emerald Cave as part of homeschool. You can read the other accounts here and here.]

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