Hot & Getting Hotter

Our estate agent contacted us today.  There’s been some damage to the fence in the recent stormy weather in Leeds.  Apparently, the giant trampoline blew over in the violent wind and has knocked a panel out.

We’re not talking about a small 1-person trampoline.  We’re talking about a triplet-capacity monstrosity; I’m amazed that the wind could be strong enough to move it an inch.  Our tenants have taken the netting down which they think will stop it happening again.  I hope so, and I’m very glad no one was hurt.

It’s impossible to imagine English weather for us right now.  In stark contrast to our friends and family back home, each day that passes turns the temperature dial up a notch.  Not only are we approaching the hottest part of the year in SE Asia; every time we move we inch further and further towards the equator.

It’s entirely our own doing, we deliberately factored the ‘eternal summer’ into our itinerary, carefully planning how we could avoid much of the monsoon and move from country to country, making the best of the changing Summer seasons as we go.  If we’re lucky, we won’t drop much below 30 degrees most days now until we fly home next August.

The kids have adapted amazingly well to the climate.  They very rarely complain, probably because we’re staying close to the sea, so there is always a means of escape.  Although I must say, I’m sure I’ve had baths that have been colder than the sea here.

And I’m enjoying it a lot too.  I remember now how I loved it last time we went backpacking.  At first, the heat is oppressive, but once you get through that stage you just enjoy the warmth right through to your bones; and the ‘smell’ of the heat.  It’s an intensity that you just don’t get in Europe, an experience to be savored and appreciated.

But not if you go running any time after 8 in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Hot & Getting Hotter

  1. By the time I’d been in Adelaide for six weeks, through Jan – Mar, I was LONGING for dreary grey skies, and damp English weather. The eternal sun hurt my eyes, and I wanted to sleep without being sweaty……How long until you get to that point, do you think?


    • Never! I honestly really love the heat…I’m really not sure how I’ll cope with a British winter when we get back though. I’ll be buying some thermals, I think!


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