The Worst Animals on Earth!

by Jemima

I hate mosquitos!

We hate them because they bite you and it really itches. They can bite you anywhere but they can’t bite through clothes. They come out about six o’clock. We’ve bought a mosquito repellant called Deet which keeps them away quite well, although sometimes we still get bitten.

Goodbye mozzie!

Goodbye mozzie!

The most mosquitoey place we’ve been in travelling is Chitwan where there were loads of giant mosquitos which didn’t even go to sleep in the day.


The Zapper!

The Zapper!

As well as buying Deet, we bought a mosquito racquet. It looks like a tennis racquet with a big lightning flash in the midde and when you turn it on a hit a mosquito with it, it electrifies them and they die. We have used it on bees and wasps as well.

Jemima with a captured lizard

Jemima with a captured lizard

There are lizards that you will see in Thailand, Laos and Nepal called geckos. They eat mosquitos and are friendly. They wait near the lights because mosquitos are attracted to those places.

Mosquitos used to bite Mummy the most but now they hate (or love eating) Tettie as well. She had more than 20 mosquito bites on her legs – they were covered! She couldn’t stop scratching them but she shouldn’t do that because it makes them bigger. Luckily, they hardly bite me at all.


6 thoughts on “The Worst Animals on Earth!

  1. I too suffer from mosquitos and am very allergic to their bites.
    I have tried every preparation going to alleviate this.
    The best ever is Avon Skin so soft Original dry oil Spray, which has the side effect of deterring insects. It is so good that the army and the SAS use it and bought up the complete supply one year.
    Before this Jungle Formula Lotion was good but a little oily and smelly.But it works !
    Try not to scratch in the meanwhile.
    Pam xxxxx


  2. Dear Jemima Amelia May
    I hope the mozzies don’t spoil your stay
    Your account of them is very well written
    It’s just a shame you keep getting bitten
    Love from Nana xxx


  3. Hello from Megan and Susie – we have just been to Red Hot World Buffet for my belated birthday treat. Susie is staying over tonight. Hope you are all having a great time still – you seem to be. Susie has sent you some e-mails and wondered if you saw them? We are having a Roman Day on Monday and I am going as a goddess, Susie is going as Venus goddess of love, and William and Asher are going as soldiers.

    Lots of love
    Megan and Susie


  4. Grandad Rob and I were looking wistfully at the stunning beaches and sculpted fruit and longing to be there with you but then we saw the monster mozzies and didnt feel quite so sad even though there are wild storms and flooding all over here! The sea wall fell down at Trevone beach you may remember going to, and the road and houses behind it may fall into the sea, too! All very scary for the locals. Marmalade has made best friends with our black cat Shadow, and they race each other up and down the stairs late at night. I go to sleep to the sound of thundering paws especially as she’s now quite a porker! Lots of love, Nanna Avril XXXXX


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