Koh Chang is Beautiful

by Evie

Koh Chang is beautiful. It has a big beach and a small beach with rocks in between. The beaches have a layer of white sand over the top of black sand and we like it because it’s soft. Mummy doesn’t like the sand because it’s sticky and a bit muddy. She had to wash our bikini bottoms seven times and it’s still not gone. We’re going back to the beach again today. Poor Mummy!

If you try to go in the sea, you get stings all over your body. We think this is because it’s too salty.

The sea has crabs in it as do the rocks and the flat sand. So watch where you’re going! The crabs have snippers but the ones on the flat sand are tiny. They get out of your way so Tettie is not scared of them any more.

From our balcony, I once saw two crabs running away from a larger crab. They went really fast. I don’t like crabs. I don’t even like pickled crabs or barbecued crabs. But worst of all are big, living crabs. They look scary.

We live at Koh Chang Resort which is on the rocks in between the two beaches. Our bungalow is in the sea when the tide is in but we don’t get wet because it is on stilts. You can hear the sea washing around underneath you. It makes me fall aslee… zzzzzz

5 thoughts on “Koh Chang is Beautiful

  1. Hi Evie.
    Every morning I come down and go straight to my tablet to see if there is any news from your family. So I was so delighted to read of your life in Ko Chang. We were in Jamaica for a few months and your description reminds me of the sea sand trees and life there.I was so happy to see some photos too.
    Scarlett seems very flt on her new leg. Just take care now.
    What a wonderful life you are having..try to remember it all.
    Pam xxxxxxx


  2. Hello Evie,
    Your bungalow looks amazing! How wonderful to be able to fall asleep listening to the waves swishing beneath you. Here in Leeds it’s very cold today, only just above freezing when I got home from school tonight. 😦
    Enjoy the sunshine and the sea ….. and even the sticky sand!

    Love from,
    Mrs Robinson


  3. Dear Evie,

    What a beautifully written description of Koh Chang.
    It makes me very happy to know that you are enjoying yourselves so much.
    It’s cold here in Penwortham, and we are missing you.
    Take care, and keep away from the crabs!

    Love to you all
    Nana xxx


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