Island Hopping

Scarlett Literally Island Hopping

by Scarlett

Although we’ve only done a little island hopping before going back to the mainland, I have experienced a lot. In going from one island, Koh Samui, to another island, Koh Tao, my opinion has changed to think that island hopping is great (apart from the bumpy ferries).

I like it because of the quiet little bungalows next to the beach so we can go in the sea every day. These bungalows are nearly always on the edge of a small group of shops and ATMs so we can get new money out easily and spend it in the shops.

This is so different to Nepal because Nepal, with its stinky smell and gardenless hotels is not inviting (the mountains are an exception), whereas here I feel free. Nepal’s towering mountains are not as beautiful as the sea and you can’t go swimming in them!

We spent New Year’s Eve in Koh Tao. Unluckily, I fell asleep for the fireworks.

4 thoughts on “Island Hopping

  1. My gran thought the same as you Scarlett. Once we showed her a picture of the Himalayas so she could see how wonderful it is and she said ‘I can’t say I’m very impressed’. She said she preferred the sea – at Blackpool.


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