Best Bath Ever

by Evie

Elephant bath time is a fun and exciting, scary and wet event which is on almost every day; you just need to know the way! You can ask passers by the way if you need.

This event happens in a crocodile-invaded river, however the elephants scare them away! The water is ice cold and dirty so if you get it in your mouth: spit.

Elephant Squirt

For fifty Rs. It is possible to ride on an elephant and get sprayed with water from your elephant’s trunk!

The Crocodile Game

The sound of people screaming has no impact on the lovely effect of this event! This event is extremely fun; in fact three adorable triplets have been sighted at the bath time, jumping and pushing each other over, laughing their heads off!

A Bumpy, Itchy Ride

If you want to ride an elephant, you have to be prepared for the bumpy, itchy ride where you get soaked to the skin. When the event is on, it happens at 11 o’clock and when it is you should go! The best bits are the elephant ride and just playing!

Splashing About

The few dangers with this event are getting washed away and eaten, getting trodden on by an elephant, not noticing the elephants getting out and getting yourself eaten, going too far out and getting eaten and, basically, drowning. Don’t be afraid, it’s not likely at all.

[This was Evie’s ‘Write a Newspaper Article Challenge’. It was typed up, paragraphized and spelling-corrected by Dad but otherwise all Evie’s work. Only 6 wrong spellings, too, which is brilliant.]

3 thoughts on “Best Bath Ever

  1. It sounds really good fun at the elephants bath time. Do you go to it most days? I’ve been looking at the lovely photographs of you all on the blog. It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time out there. I love and miss you terribly



  2. Looks like a super fun time. Better than giving Ferret a bath!

    Well done on your writing Evie- better than my year 7s at school.

    Uncle Kieran and Aunty Yenny


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