Kacophonous Kathmandu

by Jemima

If you want to go trekking, you have got to go to Kathmandu first. Here are ten of the most important things you need to know:

1. You sometimes have to be really unkind to people to make them go away when they are trying to sell you things.

2. It’s extremely noisy and it’s likely that the first sound you will hear will be honk honk!

3. When I arrived I could smell hot air but I got used to it. I hope you do.

4. If you want to stay somewhere, I would recommend the Kathmandu Garden House because it’s got comfortable rooms, balconies and a lovely garden bordered by flowers.

5. There are lots of insects so you have got to just not bother about them. The mosquitoes will probably bite you. You can buy a spray called Deet which will keep them away.

6. There is lots of junk on the streets and you will probably get dirty. Try not to bother.

7. Try not to fall in love with pretty things in shops too much like I did because the shop owners will see that and make them really expensive. You have got to bargain by making it look like the thing you want more is the thing you want less.

8. When you are travelling around Kathmandu it is easier to go in a taxi or walk, not go on a bus. The buses are too crowded and sometimes they drive around with the doors open because there are so many people inside.

9. There are street food stalls but I got a very spicy chilli. It made me cry so we got some juice and chocolate! If you want to go to a restaurant, I would recommend the Northfield Cafe.

10. If it’s the festival of Desain, lots of people feel like they shouldn’t be at work so the food in cafes is not as good. But the pizza at the Northfield Cafe is still good!


2 thoughts on “Kacophonous Kathmandu

  1. Lots of lovely advice here, Jemima and I get a real feel for the place. Shame about the chilli but good about the chocolate! Mrs P xxx


  2. This is very well written and good advice for anyone who is planning to visit Kacophonous. You are certainly learning how to look after yourself in these very different places to home. I am continuing to look on google maps at all the places that you mention in your blog. It is all so interesting and I am looking forward to your next comments I love and miss you very much indeed,


    Rarra xxxxxxxxxx


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