Mount Everest

Today we saw Mount Everest for the first time in all of our lives.  It was a really amazing feeling as it’s basically the only thing I had on any kind of ‘tick list’ for the trip.  We were really lucky with the weather, we got up early and walked to the viewpoint and there it was!  Sadly, I cannot post all the pictures we took of it right now (you know, me and Mt Everest, the kids and Mt Everest, Ferg and Mt Everest…all very predictable) as the camera ran out of battery – luckily just after we’d taken the pictures…that could have been very upsetting.

The kids loved it…for about 2 mins then lost interest and wondered off into a military zone to the alarm of our porter-guide, and had to be fetched back and reprimanded.  Ah well, I hope one day they’ll realise they were luck to be there.

It made me happy anyway.

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I'm a 41 year old mother of triplet girls, who are the centre of my universe. I'm an active, busy person: I commute, work full time, regularly run & am learning the piano. Life has been good. I've recently been devastated by my husband's diagnosis of an astrocytoma glioma - an invasive brain tumour that there is no cure for. This blog is Fergus's story, told from my viewpoint.

3 thoughts on “Mount Everest

  1. 7th Oct 2013

    Hi Janet, Fergus, Girls – I am missing you loads! You sound like you’re having a good time in Nepal – why did you wander off into a military zone?! Lucky they didn’t shoot you! Susie is now a school councillor – I didn’t stand this year (seeing as three of my votes have left!) Will you Skype me when you can? My rabbit Cottontail is poorly. The vet said it’s either a stroke, or a parasite, that’s got in through his ears and into his brain – it’s making him hold his head on one side and walk round in circles. We’re hoping it’s a stroke, cos at least he may recover from that. I went on a Brownie trip to Eureka yesterday.

    Love Megan


  2. Hi Janet!
    I am currently awake after feeding baby Alfred in the middle of the night- he was born on the day you all saw Everest, so approx 10 days old now.

    I’m loving catching up with your adventures – not sure if this reply will get to you as I’ve not commented on a blog before but just wanted to say have an amazing time and I look forward to catching up with your adventures while I’m on Mat leave!

    Take care

    Claire shippers xxxx


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