We’re Here!

Well, we made it! All here, all safe and all just about sane.

The plane to Mumbai was amazing, I’ve never been on a flight with so few passengers, we had 3 seats each so managed to get some sleep. However, the in flight entertainment package was so exciting that the kids didn’t sleep much at all, apart from Evie, who’s always needed more sleep than the other 2.

The challenge was always going to be the 12 hour wait in Mumbai. On the plus side, we packed travel sleep mats in the hand luggage and managed to find a couple of lounger-chair things in the ‘sleep zone’. On the downside, the neon lighting and the lift style ‘musak’ were enough to make me wonder if the 12 hours would have a long term impact on my mental health. We did all get some sleep…but no where near enough. Never have I seen my children look so pale, they all in turn felt sick with tiredness, as did I. But we saved £1000 v’s the direct flight so it had to be done.

Final stretch was fine, the kids slept bolt upright in their seats and have no memory of the flight. I think my personal highlight has to be the admin clerk in Nepal airport trying to match up the passport photos of the girls (for their visas) with the passports and just giving up and handing it all over to me to do! I love going through passport control with identical triplets, it really stresses them out.

So what do the kids think of Kathmandu? After our first 24 hours (bearing in mind we’ve slept for 16 of them) Evie seems contented and says she is enjoying everything being weird, Scarlett is a bit unsure and worried (mainly about being run over or electrocuted) but managing to remember to be optimistic and enjoying the treats, and Jemima seems no different to her usual jovial self, enjoying the food and window shopping.

I’ve had a few moments of wondering if we’re crazy to bring our kids here, there’s certainly not many western kids around, but I think we’re going to be just fine. Reassuringly, some Scouts from Torquey have turned up to do a Himalayan trek, so we’re not completely alone in thinking it’ll be good for the kids! Can’t wait to get into the mountains, it’s what we came here for and we’re moving to a new guest house tomorrow (we’re in a lovely but too expensive place right now) that has a roof terrace with mountain views on all sides. Mission for tomorrow is to find an agency and book flights to Lukla and start shopping around for a porter. And maps. And a compass (how did I forget that?). The adventure is just beginning.

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I'm a 41 year old mother of triplet girls, who are the centre of my universe. I'm an active, busy person: I commute, work full time, regularly run & am learning the piano. Life has been good. I've recently been devastated by my husband's diagnosis of an astrocytoma glioma - an invasive brain tumour that there is no cure for. This blog is Fergus's story, told from my viewpoint.

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